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Air Fills

Need a tank filled? We can do that! Our air conforms to CGA Grade E standards for ensured safety.


At $7.50 per tank fill we are the cheapest place in the Four Corners area to get your tank topped off!

If it is time for that yearly visual inspection test we can get your tank back in service.


Aboard our staff is a PSI/PCI Certified Visual Tank Inspector.

Visuals: $20  (includes air fill)

Visual Tank Inspections
Gear Sales

New? Used? We sell both. BCDs, fins, masks, snorkels, wetsuits, spear guns, and all sorts of other goodies.


Let us know what you need, schedule an appointment at our store, or let us place a special order for you!

Want to take a trip out to the lake but don’t own a tank? Maybe you’d like to have a thicker wetsuit for a weekend trip to Blue Hole? We rent out gear as well!


***We will ONLY rent gear to certified divers over the age of 18 and we will NOT rent individuals more than one BC or Regulator to prevent uncertified individuals from using gear. This is for liability and safety reasons. This rule applies even if you are certified at the Instructor level or higher. In addition, a valid credit card is required at time of rental***

Gear Rentals

BCD - Weekend: $20     Weekly: $85

Regulator and Gauges - Weekend: $20     Weekly: $85

Tank (w/ airfill) (additional fills $7.50) - Weekend: $10     Weekly: $35

Wetsuit (One piece 3mm or 7mm Farmer John) - Weekend: $15     Weekly: $80

Weight belt and weights - Weekend: $8     Weekly: $35

Mask and Snorkel - Weekend: $15     Weekly: $50

Fins - Weekend: $15     Weekly: $50

Mask/Snorkel/Fins pkg - Weekend: $30     Weekly: $75

Boots - Daily: $10     Weekly: $45

Full Scuba Package (BC, Wetsuit, Weights, Weight Belt, tank, regulator, fins, mask, and snorkel) - Day use or Weekend: $89



Please remember to call 48 hrs+ in advance so we can ensure the gear you need to rent is available and of proper size

Weekend rentals are from pickup Friday to drop-off Tuesday (as late as store closing time). Drop-offs later than Tuesday result in additional weekend fee. Weekly rentals are 7 days from pick-up.



Incidental Charges

Cleaning:We expect gear to be returned clean and dry. BCDs can be rinsed with fresh (not lake) water. Wetsuits can be rinsed with fresh water as well. Dish soap (even shampoo) can be used on wetsuits. Gear that is returned smelling like lake/fishes/musty/or anything other than clean will be charged a $5 cleaning fee PER ITEM.


Regulators returned with dust cap off or missing: Regulators are life support equipment. Debris or water inside the first stage regulator will damage them. If a regulator is returned with a dust cap not in place, or if it is missing completely, we must assume water or debris has breached the first stage. This will require our service technician to overhaul the first stage to ensure it is in working order. The fee for this is $40 + any necessary parts.


Stolen, damaged, missing gear: It is your responsibility to ensure that gear is not damaged, lost, or stolen. Lost or stolen gear will result in being charged its replacement value. Damaged gear will result in charges based upon the cost to fix it. If it is damaged beyond repair, the charge will be the replacement value of that piece of gear. (A slight scuff or other such normal wear and tear is ok, obvious misuse or abuse is not).