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Cancellation/Refund Policies


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We will refund or reschedule students cancelling more than 48 hours from the scheduled pool session if they have paid for the course in advance. Cancellations and no-shows under 48 hours forfeit full class fee and are not eligible for refund. Students paying at the pool who cancel under 48 hours or no-show will be assessed a $25 reschedule fee in addition to the class amount on the next attempt to arrive for class.


Open Water Referral/Diver, AOW, Rescue Pool Sessions

If cancelling less than 48 hours before scheduled pool session or a no-show to class, a $25 rescheduling fee applies.


Open Water Diver/AOW/Rescue Certification Dives

One week cancellation notice applies before scheduled Open Water Dives. If student does not contact Trinity Diving to cancel and does not appear at the dive site, a $100 rescheduling fee applies and scheduling into the next OW course will be at the convenience of the next available time based upon staffing, class schedule, and weather,


Divemaster Candidates

DM candidates have custom schedules that rotate around other classes. Speak with your instructor for further information. A candidate who no-shows or cancels 24 hours or less prior to a pool session or dive open water dive 3 times during their candidacy will forfeit all class fees paid and be removed from the program





Tuition Refunds

There are two refund conditions:

Open Water Diver switching to referral - If a student signs up for the full Open Water Diver class and decides to become a referral, Trinity Diving will refund the difference between the full course and referral course (ONLY if the student has not done any of the open water certification dives). The difference between the two courses is all that is refunded regardless of how far the student has advanced in pool sessions. There are no refunds for eLearning.


Paid for course but desiring refund before any work completed - If a student has not started coursework and decides to withdrawal from class, a full refund of the class fee and/or deposit will be given if student provides Trinity Diving 72-hour notice. If under 72-hours, $25 fee will be forfeited and the remainder of the paid balance (if there is any) will be refunded.


Late Students

Instructors will not hold back the students who were on time and ready to learn.


The tardiness of one (or more) individuals is unfair to those who were on time. Students are expected to be at the pool by 8:30am. We understand unforeseen issues with traffic, construction, etc., and provide a 15 minute grace period. Any student arriving at the pool after 8:45am will not be permitted to participate in that day’s class and will need to reschedule (rescheduling above).  If there is a very small class and there are no students present by 8:45am, all students will be subject to no-show policies (see above). This will apply even if instructors are still in the process of leaving.


In addition, being present at the pool means being INSIDE. If you are in the wrong place or waiting for staff in the wrong place, staff members will not attempt to find you. They are too busy with other students. Sitting in the parking lot and not walking inside until after 8:45 is considered late. No exceptions.


At Trinity Diving we strive to have low student to instructor ratios to make for the best experience for our students. We do not overbook classes and we schedule additional staff as needed. In addition, attendance is paramount to success. As a result, the following policies are in place.:


Trinity Diving reserves the right to refuse service


There are particular grounds for dismissal as a student. This includes acting in a manner that is blatantly unsafe for others around you or yourself (after being warned); blatant disrespect for Trinity Diving staff, Aquatic Center Staff, or other students; behaviors that reflect negatively toward Trinity Diving as a whole, any of its employees, or other students; or engaging in illegal activities during training or while in training locations.


The above list is not all-inclusive.


If an Open Water student is dismissed at a time prior to Open Water Dives, they will be refunded the difference between referral class and full class regardless of progression. E-learning is non-refundable at any time.


All students in any other course will not receive refunds if dismissed regardless of progression.


*We simply ask you use common courtesy, respect your peers, and do not engage in dangerous or illegal activities during your time with Trinity Diving. Our staff is very relaxed, but unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated*