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Advanced Open Water Diver

Why Advanced Open Water Diver?


After your five advanced dives, you'll be more experienced, feel more comfortable in the water and simply enjoy diving more because you better understand the underwater environment.

What is it?

The Adventures in Diving program offers both the Adventure Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver certifications. If you complete any three adventure dives, you can earn your PADI Adventure Diver certification. If you complete your Deep Adventure Dive, Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive and three Adventure Dives for a total of five, you can earn your Advanced Open Water Diver certification.


What will I do?

Beyond what you learned in Open Water, this certification includes five Adventure Dives, including the Deep Adventure Dive, the Underwater Navigator Adventure Dive and three of the following:









Once you have chosen which adventure dives you wish to do, you will learn about those specialties and complete a knowledge review on each one.


What are the prerequisites?

PADI Open Water Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another organization)

Minimum age: 15 (12 for PADI Junior Advanced Open Water Diver)


What materials will I need?


-A swimsuit and the desire to learn something new and adventurous!

-Mask, snorkel, and fins (Can be purchased at the shop prior to starting class)


You will receive: The PADI Adventures in Diving Manual

Equipment Specialist

Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Fish Identification

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Project Aware

Underwater Naturalist

Enriched Air Diver

Wreck Diver

Night Diver

Search and Recovery

Underwater Photographer

Multi-Level Diver

Drift Diver

Cost w/ E-Learning

$245 to Trinity Diving plus $167 for Elearning

Total = $412


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